Monday, August 01, 2005

Leaving Glodok

I was in the post Entering Glodok, now I want out. We tried to get a taxi to move us to where we are staying. While waiting, I did not waste my time, I start to look around to get some photos. (Below are the photos). After sometime of waiting we decided to take the busway bus.
A view of Glodok area. I was waiting for taxi with colleagues. We were looking for BlueBird taxi to pick us up. Hard to find one. Other taxis, dare not try. Reason, don't want to be cheated. Partly, worried... hehehe..
I wasn't paying attention when the containers (picture left) was around. I was curious, what is this for, what is in the containers. ??? Then I look around... saw a guy carrying 2 containers using a long wooden rod.
The guy in the photo was exchanging containers from the push cart. My eyes followed the guy. He was moving toward as big barrel. He then poured clean water into it. It was for the hawkers in the nearby area that are trading food. So my question is answered.
He is leaving to another place after filling in the barrel and other small container. I have seen hawkers washing utensils, but where they get the water from? Now I have the answer.

No taxi of our choice is available.. seems like we were standing there for half an hour. Heading for the busway bus...

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