Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Crossing a bridge near Slipi Jaya

I was using the bridge to cross the main road. Seen a lot of traders along the bridge. Variety of goods are traded. Socks, caps, posters, kid books, toys, kitchen utensils, grooming tools, mobile phone reloads, and more.. can't recall all. I have been using the bridge a few times. I was told not to do that at night, esspecially late night. Might get robbed on cash and goods. So far I have not experienced it, off course I don't intend to try it. And touch wood, don't happen in the future. I did the crossings, cause I get to purchase snacks from Slipi Jaya, a shopping complex in Slipi opposite of the hotel I am in. At feet of the bridge there are food stalls.
As I was going down the bridge I saw this guy was on the stairs, cleaning the stairs. Some passby and donates. At first I didn't do that. Then I realise the guy is cleaning the bridge, what the heck, I gave away small changed that I have to the guy, in a way I am thanking him. Just wondering.. who is cleaning the other bridge.. hmm.. After looking at this I should be happy with my life.. but some where in my mind.. 'I want to have this, I want to have that' thought still going on.. I guess I will never learn.. hmm...

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