Monday, August 15, 2005

Walking along Jln Thamrin - Part 4

After shooting photos of the half human breed, I was thinking to cross to the other side of the road or remained on this side. Surveying as human would. The side of the road I am on, was sunny. The other side was shady. As a human being, the shady part attracted me. The sunny side, looking at it, made my skin feel the burning sensation and later sweat pouring out from beneath the skin. The next thing I know my clothing will stick to me. How uncomfortable I would become. A no no for me. Oh no I am sweating.. what am I doing under the sun. Start taking steps toward the stairs taking me to the other side. My brain is sending negative signals, 'you sure about using the stairs?'. Damn! Another argument between my sweat pores and muscles in my legs. I guess the sweat pores out numbered the muscles. I begin climbing the stairs. I arrive at a cross road. A big cross road. Red man stop me from crossing the road. While waiting for the green man to appear, I try to photo the mini clock tower in the center of the road. The mini clock tower wasn't showing it best side. Suddenly, a man dashed across the road. Do I follow? There was a policeman beside the red man. Now the devil and angel popped out from no where. "Cross the road, don't be bothered by the policeman", says the devil. "Don't do that, you may be sent behind bars for that", the angel advised. Err.. ok.. I devided to take the devil words and cross the road. While crossing, I kept on glancing over shoulder waiting for the policeman to shout at me and BLAM! I was shot. Nah, it never happened, he doesn't even bothered. Get my camera out and snap! The photo above is taken.
I was surprised to see so many stools behind the traffic light. There was also an advertisment board, a round one. No advertisment was seen on it. The stools were empty, no one sat on it. It gave the idea of the place desserted. Maybe today it is empty. Maybe on the week days, each one of them will be warmed due to the waiting of traffic light to turn green. I would like to thank the shadow for attending the photography session. They have made the photo appeared better.
Behind the fence where the stools was located, stood a twin tower overlooking a flat green garden. Again the sun is in play. It is obstruting me from making my masterpiece. This of course does not stop me from doing what I want to do. As usual using my camera lcd to find a suitable exposure and capture it in camera memory which seems to work better than my brain. This buildings which are part of the many buildings belong to Bank Indonesia. I was amaze by the size of land used in building the Bank Indonesia office. Why such a big and grand one? I then asked a local, he replied, "Kamu tahu lah, ia punya uang yang banyak". Ya, even though Bank Indonesia have a lot of money, is this how it is supposed to be spent. What a pity such a grand bulding only occupied by its owner.

Then I continue my walk to where I actually planned.

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