Monday, August 22, 2005

Sculptures + Relics

Sunlight, on the pillars, on the grass, on the walls, casting shadows. If the building is not in white color, it would be creepy. I have reached the other end of the garden. Photography exhibition and more sculptures were found. In photography world, sun do make photos look different.

This sculpture was located at the back end of the corridor. When I was there taking photos, I was feeling uneasy, people around, they look like terrorist. On second thought it is more like I am shy, they are photographers with professional equipments. There is this thought of me getting robbed. I tried to get my photos as speedy as I can. Non was taken, because the area was dim, and my camera is not good in dim area. Actually, who wants to rob me. At that time, I was wearing bermudas, a t-shirt and carrying a small backpack. Those guys have better equipment than I do. Hmm.. the situation seems to be the other way round. Me the thief, wanting their expensive stuff. Hehehe...
A relic I think, there were alot of it along the corridor.
A face with the tongue lashed out. This doesn't look like a relic. The color is not dirty, seems like it is newly made. Scary? If you are there, maybe you feel it.
Elephants sculpture was found near the front of the museum. "Ganesha, the god of science and to expel the obstacle in hinduism", this was written beneath the sculpture. The area where I found this god was also dim. Partly it was already 5 in the evening. This raised my hair. Next to this were slabs of rock. They are really ancient. As if there is someone there watching me. I dared myself to look around.
This is what the corner looks like. A lot of stone slabs. This big one infront is Anjukladang Inscription,detail "It contain of the tax exemption for Anjukladang village, because the people had faithful to the kingdom". It is seems like a medium of commucation. To me it looks like tomb, more over I don't understand what is written on it, and I'll never do. I still get the feeling someone is watching me. I hastily moved away from the corner.
One last view of the garden, it is nice but it is eerie too. While in the corner with slabs, I was peeping through the window. It was dark in there. Without realising what I was doing, trying to adjust my iris to be able to look around. Saw something in there. Getting curious. Luckily nothing went passed in there. Out of curiousity, I went searching for the door to dark room. I am sure there are things in there. I found the door. Went in as silently as I can. Suddenly, someone or something came through the door. The room I entered was dark. I was relieved. Is a he. Since I sneaked in, so I asked the guy can I moved around in the room. He told me to get permission from someone deep in the room. I am not sure about asking permission for my present in the room. They were far in there. After some deep thought, I am not going in that far. There is this big 3D map of Java and Sumatra, wanted to take some photos of it, but not enough light for me to do so. And I dared not use camera flash, because I don't want to attract unnecessary attention. As other museum, they have alot of instrument used in the olden days where human are civilised. Me living the room, not so worried after knowing what is in there.. hehehe..
Corner view of the museum.
The garden in front of the museum. Ok, that is all I can mustered about Museum Gajah..

News excerpt today:

  1. somwhere in Central Java, people getting paid by farmer to catch rats. One rat cost between rp 100 and rp 150. That is disgusting! What to do, since it is effective.
  2. jealous wife tells husband how to behave, the wife bit the husband ear for commenting on contestants in a beauty pageant. Wife warned husband about commenting on women and seeing him near a woman. Wow! This is scary! What happened to women nowadays? I thought this century, women are opened. I hope this is the only one. eee...

That is all.. the rest is to serious.. hehehe..


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Amazing sculptures... I Afraid one day husband will get his "thing" because he comment on another girls blog... hahaha... aiyah better cover mine...

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hahaha.. yup it quite risky..

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