Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Walking along Jln Thamrin - Part 1

The busway to Glodok, I discovered photo snapping opportunity along the busway route. On a Saturday, decided to walk along Jln Thamrin. The walkway was quiet compared to the number of cars on the road. My first stop was in Plaza Indonesia where Jln Thamrin begins. In there to get water for drinking and few buns to fill my stomach incase I'm hungry.
One of the entrance, a restaurant named Paparazzi was located. Didn't went in there, as I know it is going to be an expensive restaurant. I think they sell italian food.
As I was looking for some photos to snapped, came across a shop named Quickly. It seems to be selling drinks. I don't know why it is call Quickly.
Found a cow with pictures painted on it. The pictures of farmer with their cow moving on a hilly area. The cow was there to promote tourism in other countries.

'Where to get it'
This is found in Jakarta Post 10/8/2005

  1. Textiles and garments - Tanah Abang, Jatinegara, Ciledung
  2. Fruit and Vegetables - Kramat Jati
  3. Cakes and snacks - Senen, Block M (early in the morning)
  4. Tailors, embroiderers and cake supplies - Mayestik
  5. Spare parts (machinery or vehicle not human or animal) - Kenari Jaya
  6. Trophies, military uniforms, second hand goods - Senen
  7. Poultry - Pulogadung

A list of things and where to get it. Mentioned the items are less expensive. I am sure further reducing price is possible on a hard bargain.

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