Sunday, August 14, 2005

Walking along Jln Thamrin - Part 3

I saw a building, it looks old. Not that it is having a dirty or crack wall. The building is in good shape. Just the design of the hotel building allows me to have this idea of 70's design.
It is a Pan Pacific hotel. It got it's own typical look. After the take a photo of this hotel. I wanted to continue my walk. Something caught my eyes. It looks like a bird, quite colorful. I check around for how am I suppose to get to the hotel. There is bridge nearby. Took it. I am outside the hotel compound. Get myself to the lobby. Because the big bird is there.
While crossing the bridge to the hotel, took a photo of the main road, where the hotel is situated next to it. The road is narrowing toward Plaza Indonesia. Not much traffic as it is a Saturday. Fancy seeing heavy traffic? Do it on weekdays.
The stairs leading to the big bird was not a ordinary design. It is well decorated with variety of plants. I am not sure about the name of this statue. From the look of it, half human half bird. It is colorful. I would like to consider the statue is to bring luck and prosperity to both customer and operator. In other words, it is welcoming those whose wish to stay in the hotel.
A front view of the statue. From far it looks beautiful. As I get near to it, it doesn't looks good to me. Like as if it can create nightmare. But the locals insist the statue is a good omen. I am having a mixed feeling here, either I am feeling lucky or I am being scared by it.
The pattern on the left comes from the hotel. Those jutting out are the room's balconies. The arrangement of the balconies is a subject for pattern photography.

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