Monday, August 08, 2005

Aircraft View

I was given a window in a big bird. When I was seated I suddenly realised the opportunity to photograph out there when the big bird land. Here are the photos.
An island not far away from the mainland. Mind the 'not far away' because I was in the big bird.

Begin of the mainland. I think this is a salt farming. It does not look natural.
A road dividing the almost flat land. There seems to be human work done down there.
Residential and commercial area can be seen here.
Density of residential outside Jakarta city. The buidings seem to be well aligned. Assumption, high class residential.
Those greenery must be padi field. The patches green in different tone. Looks nice, similar to hand made quilt.

The photos are not clear, due to the additional filters between the lense and the landscape. The filters not a good one. It is not meant for photography.. hehehe..

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