Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Walking along Jln Thamrin

This is the statue that made me prodded along Jln Thamrin for around 90 minutes. Upon arriving at the destination. I searched for the statue name. Failed to find one after circling the statue. There is this inscription telling the guys in carriage to carried out a decree. Here is goes "ku hantarkan kau, melanjutkan perjuangan, mengisi kemerdekaan dengan pembangunan yang tiada mengenal akhir". I am not a good interpreter, I will try anyway, hope it is not wrong. "i send you, to ensue the crusade, to continue the battle, to seal independence with growth that knows no end". I'm not sure whether I got it right. The first time I've seen this, I was taking busway bus from Jln Sudirman to Glodok. I was in awed that Jakarta have unique statue. There are many horses pulling a chariot. Some of the horses can be seen through. They seem to be horses spirit running together among the horses. That's really impressed me. Snap! Searching. Snap! Seeking. Snap! Snap! Snap!.. hehehe.. a lot of snaps.
There goes the inscription. On a piece of flat stone. Oh, there is a date too.. 17 August 1987 is when the inscription was written. Ah hah.. I remembered seeing a post card that the statue was copper in color. Now it is black. The work of sun, rain and wind changed the statue once was new. Still proud it stands to fulfill the decree past to it. Seeing Indonesia grows toward prosperity and peace and unity.
Closer look at what I meant by horse spirit. The sculpture makes the horses so real and strong with the spirit galloping together. I almost wish it was real.
I was shocked as the sound of water spewed from the ground where the horses galloping on. Wind blowing specks of water towards me. Sudden thought rush to me, my camera! My digital camera caught a few specks of water. After wiping the lcd screen, I turn around. The scene stole my breath. Seeing the water and sunlight making the horses a stunning scenery. My mind was struggling on decision to take this photo, worried the specks of water hit my camera lense. But I just can't loose this opportunity. I stop thinking about my camera and take a photo of it quickly as I can.
Trying to find another nice shot, my search was not rewarded. So I took a shot of it at my best. No thanks to the building which have done a lot of harm to photograper like me. The building was taking away the light that complete the splendor of the sculpture. Without qualm, I was disenchanted. But somewhere in me, pushed my hands and legs to gather more images of the sulpture.
Hee Yah!! I seems to heard it as the warrior was smacking the horses. Hmm.. must be me hallucinating. One is the driver, while the other busy being a shooting cupid. The chariot don't look nice. It projected a fierce aura.. did I almost feel that. Nah..
Come to photography, I have the weakness in halting my finger from pressing the shutter button, when something inspired me to capture it.

Initially, I thought this would be my final stop. So I was wrong. Provided with the data of places nearby, emanated the image snapping in me. Here I go again...


SooHK said...

I remember this place. I was there about 10 years ago. I did not go there when I was at Jakarta.. Its quite a statue...

PhotoCrazy said...

yup it is..