Thursday, August 11, 2005

Walking along Jln Thamrin - Part 2

Above Plaza Indonesia is Hyatt Hotel. How convenience for those staying this hotel. They can have direct access to shopping plaza below. I was outside the hotel lobby looking for place to capture the water fountain. Luxury car was parked in front of the hotel. That was where I took the photo of the fountain.

The water fountain is a roundabout with traffic lights. The spraying water is beautiful if you are near it. I have yet to get close to it. Police men are there to look at the traffic. The moment I saw the police men I dare not crossed the road to get closer to the water fountain. Worried they will put me behind bars. The monument is call 'Selamat Datang' means welcome. On top of the two pillars, a boy and a girl holding arms welcoming people to Jakarta. More information of the artist here.
Walked some 200 meter I saw the Japanese Embassy. Behind this embassy is Plaza Indonesia. The entrance to the embassy was separated by two gaint grill gates. These gates is similar to those used in big lockups shown in the movies.
A building of different colors and abnormal shape appeared to my left. It is call EX, part of Plaza Indonesia. This where you will find another entrance to Plaza Indonesia. At the entrance next to the main road is a art as in the right photo. Water is seen flowing down from the horizontal metal plane on a piece of glass in to the pool at the bottom. The water pool is very shallow, the most is 2 inch in depth. As my usual self I just photographed it. Some where in my brain, "jump jump kick the water make splash.." nah.. can't imagine myself behind bars.. Here is a journal on EX and more of Indonesia.
I went near the EX building, Hard Rock Cafe is situated. As usual, there are restaurant cum bar and late night discotheque. I haven't tried out the restaurant, bar and discotheque of Hard Rock Cafe, but I went in and have a look at the merchandise shop.
I noticed taxi lining up outside EX, waiting for customer. So no sweat if I want a taxi.
As I was leaving to continue walking on Jln Thamrin, I saw the word EX and wanted to capture the building name. In my previous subject, I shown a photo of this building but on the other side. Empty car park on the right. Still not crowded in the EX complex.


SooHK said...

This reminds of the time when I was at Sogo... and that time was the election year. I saw a small demonstration or protest in the roundabout... hahaha

PhotoCrazy said...

I wish I was there too.. hehehe.. of course not part of the demonstration..

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