Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Monas a monument in Jakarta. After visiting the Museum Gajah. I walked staright to the monument. Arriving at the main gate and took this photo on the right. On top on the monument gold is coated on the flame. A funny idea of stashing the country gold. Guards was at the gate. I guess they were there to prevent cars from going in and maybe keeping peace at the same time.
This the view after the gate. Horses on both side of the road. They are to take tourist around the monument with a price. I didn't find out how much it is. The foul smell, as I get near the horses. Since I wanted to take photos of it, I continue breathing in the bad smell. I guess was the horses urine or the horses have not been bathing for along time. A few more snaps, of I go closer to the monument. On my way there, a was approached by a local guy speaking English. Quite good too his command of English. Which I don't find those local in the office. He is a freelance guide. Offered to take me around the Monas. And it is not for free, of course. I declined the offer.
In front of the monument, taken some photos. As I was walking along the monument, I saw people lining up in to the monument. That means I can go up to the top. At first I wanted. But I was tired. And the queue is not short. I gave up the idea. So I conutinue to walk, lookout for something to feed my camera. Meet another freelance tour guide. We have a long conversation. He wanted to know about living and opportunities in Kuala Lumpur. Came a post card man. Trying his luck with me. His luck was not good. But in the process it shown me nice places, holy places. I asked the freelance tour guide of it's whereabout. It was nearby. I wanted to be there to picture it, but camera battery showing me "You have 2 minutes". I gave up the idea. Try to go there the next time...
Uh huh.. the sun is setting. Hmm.. I was thinking if I can get a photo of the sun hiding behing the monument. Yup, here is the outcome. As I like to take photos, I realised sun is an important ingredient. It can make a lot of wonders in picture and in real life too. I guess I will use the sun when ever I can in taking pictures. Hehehe..


SooHK said...

is it the one that have a pile of gold on top?

PhotoCrazy said...

yup that is what I heard.. funny rite..