Monday, July 28, 2008

The other side of the main road

Curious what is the other side of the railway. Then brave myself on my curosities. Walked on a brigde, cross a mini tunnel walled by houses. Crossed the rail. Voila! I am on the side of the rail.

A view of the houses, which is very closed to the rail. I think they got used to the loud noise comes from train rolling on the rail.

A make shift of a place to rest. Best part, they get to experience the train passed at close range. Anyway, I didn't get to see it. I didn't think I should be there that long.


On where I stand I can see the river, a way of cummuting to the other site.

This is the tunnel that I mentioned earlier. Even provide telephony service.


The river I was crossing. Actually the river is welcomed if it is cleaned. Even got the reflection of the houses. If the water is clear, I guess many would like to visit the place. Think about it, a tourist attraction.

Some one is basking in the evening sun. Getting part of the body to tan. most likely that is the rail no used. Another way to relax in the evening.

The bridge I mentioned earlier. This takes me to the rail road...

Monday, October 08, 2007


I saw someone lying down. The best part is, it is on a table. This table is along the small road and not somewhere in a house. Hmm.. come to think of it, the surrounding is cooling, windy and shady. Will I do that, maybe, if it is at a nice environment.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Water rationing, more like they are selling water to neighboors. From the looks of it, very environmental friendly. No fuel use in tranporting the water, so no air polution.
Taken this one from center of a bridge. There were people talking near me, but I dare not listened to them, but looks like they saying something to me.. ignore ignore.. just shoot photos.. I am done.. bye bye guys..
I was testing the camera options to create different outcome. The one on the right look likes water color.
The one on the left is negative of the actual photo. And is the same place as the above photo.
Monochrome in brown. I find the subject is good for projecting the 'old' photos. It shown the olden days houses.
Another Bajai, not sure if it is a Bajai. Those guys are playing chess. Wanted to take photos with different angle, but worried about those guys might give me a hell of a day.. hehehe.. Thanks Selba for clarification, "The vehicle in the last pic is not a bajaj though it looks kinda similiar. It called "Bemo". They have special permanent route like bus, not like bajaj, where you can ask wherever you want it to bring you around like taxi.".

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Roxy journey continues

This photo was taken in monotone. Along the road a number of psuh cart is seen. They are selling food. Some of the carts is with the trader. Some of the traders were getting ready to start business. I was tempted at one point to try out the food. But it was only 4 in the evening.
The other side of the river. Some of them are houses, some are shop houses. As this is housing area, there goes the narrow street.
As I was reaching one corner, I saw this. I was thinking what was it carrying. As I was getting closer, this man was feeling water into the metal containers. This water is then sold to those who needs them. The shocking part to me was the water tank was underground and next to the river.... I was quite reluctant to take this photo, but I wanted something for me to remember.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Roxy area again...

I was crossing the road that intersect with railway, because I was curious on what is the side looks like. It is the same as before I cross the road. There is a bicycle hanging back of the house. Maybe not much space left in the house.

Then I brave myself into the small gang way just to fill in my blanks or question marks, "What does looks like in the front of these houses?" So I was there with this photo. Everyone there was staring at me. Hmm.. I am still one piece today. As in the photo, the right side is a wall separating the houses and the railway.
Went back to the main road, which is spearated by a river. Then strolled to see more. I guess I have not enough of these houses and it's surrounding. This intrigued me, a car in the house. How did it manage to get in there? My coward overtakes my curiosity. So no answer to it. More photos to come...