Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Roxy journey continues

This photo was taken in monotone. Along the road a number of psuh cart is seen. They are selling food. Some of the carts is with the trader. Some of the traders were getting ready to start business. I was tempted at one point to try out the food. But it was only 4 in the evening.
The other side of the river. Some of them are houses, some are shop houses. As this is housing area, there goes the narrow street.
As I was reaching one corner, I saw this. I was thinking what was it carrying. As I was getting closer, this man was feeling water into the metal containers. This water is then sold to those who needs them. The shocking part to me was the water tank was underground and next to the river.... I was quite reluctant to take this photo, but I wanted something for me to remember.


Selba said...

Whoaaa.. you still updating your blog about Jakarta!

I guess, Jakarta really give you a good impression, right? hehehe :D

PhotoCrazy said...

they do with the recent photos.. hehehe.. not able to find the same one elsewhere...

will continue updating this blog.. wanted to post those yogya photos but don't have it in digital format.

Selba said...

Cool... can't wait to see your post of Yogyakarta photos! Must be really interesting... :)

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