Friday, August 19, 2005

Museum Gajah

I was looking for sign to Museum Gajah. I was informed to go straight down the road where the horses sculpture was. (Informer: a local friend). Luckily I saw a small crafty signboard. Hmm.. it was pointing in the right direction. As usual I am indoubt if my present is successful. So I walked in the direction where the pointer is pointing. As I trotted the road side, I saw building to do with military. Next building, another military. I was feeling like I was doing a kilometer walk. Question pops, is that place I was going to is 1 kilometer away. But I was told it is near the horse sculpture. My brain started doing the "near" debate. And no thanks to unseen direction to the museum. Not only unseen, there was none. Someone must have gobbled up the sign board. There was signboard along the road, it is directing me to no places I want to be (sigh). Hehehe.. I saw a woman. Doing her chores on road cleaning. "Ibu, bisa kasi tahu di mana Museum Gajah nya", me started a mini conversation. "There, over there", her finger was doing the talking. Hmm.. does she understand my bahasa? Anyway, I say, "Terima kasih bu". As I was reaching the gate she pointed to, I saw a garden. This is promising. Upon reaching the main gate there was not any sign saying "Museum Gajah". Hmm.. I was confused.
As I entered the compound, I saw the word 'MUSEUM'. So where is the word 'GAJAH'. As I was recommended earlier to visit this 'Museum Gajah', the first thing came into my mind was a museum with elephants in it. Hehehe.. Then I saw an elephant, a black one, on a nicely crafted pillar. Don't tell me this why they called this building Museum Gajah. Hmm.. It have to be.
Closer look at an elepahant on the top. There are multiple languages written on it. Four languages on four different facades. This building was borned late 1800. Wow! My first expression upon seeing the year. Then I make my way to the building. First thing I did was to know how much I have to pay for going in there. But no cashier was around and the bad part, it was closed already as advertised. Then this guy sitting outside the counter staring at me, as if he was waiting for me to say something. So I asked if I can go in. "Yes" was the answer. I could not believed what I heard. What else, I asked again. "Yes" was the answer again. On top of that, he said I can go in all the way. Photography exhibition was in there for that day only, the man futher informed me. In I went.. to be continue..


SooHK said...

wah sei man interesting story.... pictures of gajah...?

PhotoCrazy said...

coming soon.. hehehe..