Friday, July 29, 2005

Transportion-Busway in Jakarta

Stasiun Kota to Terminal Block M, a bus travel on this dedicated route. The road that link the end stations, have their dedicated road where other vehicles are not allow to use. The reason is to allow the bus to move with very minimum traffic congestions. In between, there are 18 stops, girls, boys, woman, man, grannies unload themselves from the bus to their stop stations. One purchase of a ticket, allow one to travel from an end station to another end and only one price for the ticket no matter how long is your journey. The price, rupiah 2500. Get in the bus at a station, next stop, get down from the bus, fare is rupiah 2500. This is expensive for one stop! Get in a bus ast as a station, get down after the bus makes 19 stops, fare is rupiah 2500.. hmm.. anything wrong here? Actually to think of it, is quite fair. This public transportation meant for those who does not travel in short distance. The condition of the bus, if not fantastic it is good if compared to other normal public bus. Actually I haven't been in a public bus other than the busway bus. Therefore my comment may bot be true.
The bus is in red color (picture left). Some of the station have a metal cage at the entrance to the bus. Other station is close to the border of the road. This is to ensure only those have paid their fares are allowed to ride the bus. This entrance do have a glass sliding door to stop illegal entry to the waiting area in the bus stop. The company that runs this facility is Transjakarta shown on the front and sides of the of the bus. Most of the bus there is a guy waiting at the bus entrance. And he stay in the bus through out the journey. If he is not there, more space, he took up the whole door. Can't blame him. He is there to ensure order in the bus.
This station is located in Glodok. Station name, Glodok. Most of the stations are located in the middle of the main road. The road for bus, both sides of the divider of the main road.
Picture on the left, a small sign board say KHUSUS BUSWAY means busway only. As seen in the picture, in middle is a one way two lanes road, meant for all vehicles. The one lane road next to the sign board, that is for the red bus. When I first saw the small divider on the road with the word busway printed on the one lane road, I thought all bus is to use this lane. But, it puzzles me when I see alot of bus is not in the busway lane. So questions is out to a friend. After the explanation then only I knows.
A suspended walkway connects the extreme sides of the road. Getting down or getting up to the suspended walkway, there is this slanting plane link directly to the station. To my amazement I question why this long plane. Why not a simple stairs. Till now is still a question without answer.
This is what the station looks like. This is a surprise for me. Didn't expect to see the entry point is install in this manner. Get a card from the cashier in the small cubicle to the left. Use the card, put it in a slot at the entry point. Continue into the waiting area. Then.. what else wait for the bus.. hehehe..
In every station they will have this map at the top of the door. The big red dot tells you the station you are in. 20 stations all together.


Anonymous said...

Nice review, will try the busway when I visit Jakarta. Anyway, the 'long plane', or ramp i would say is to help facilitate disabled passengers on wheelchairs get to the bus stop, since they can't climb the stairs.

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.