Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Meeting daily life

I notice people earn their living in any way. I guess this is everywhere in this world. In Jakarta, I can see people with bicycle carrying all sort of things. People pushing cart to trade to live. Some even do their trade on the bridge.
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Guy on tricycle selling 'keropok' I think that is what he sells, but I don't know what is in the container.
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Trade on a push cart, selling fruits. The fruits looks good. I have never try it before and not going to try in the future. This is on main road of Jl Jendral Sudirman. Mainly banks on this stretch of the road.
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I find this amusing. Normally I see shade and tables with plank walls surrounding the stall. This one just a rack on the end of a wall selling magazine in the hot sun. I thought magazine is not that durable to sunlight especially a harsh one. The seller is no where to be seen. And I thought of taking one for free.. hehehe..


Selba said...

Yes, exactly the guy on tricycle is selling Kerupuk and if you open the container, you will see heaps of white and orange colour kerupuk with the small holes. Really yummy and crunchy :)

The fruits of course are a little bit dirty, because the fruit sellers don't wash their hands (after touching everything incld. money) and also the fruits. But the fruits taste good because you will eat with a dip made by with the brown sugar, peanut and chilly.

PhotoCrazy said...

Wow, thanks for the info. But carrying around so much Kerupuk.. I've tried it. It's good.

This is information to me. I thought the fruit is taken fresh. It's sounds like Malaysia's Rojak Buah.