Tuesday, July 19, 2005

World Trade Centre

World Trade Centre is on Jln Jendral Sudirman. I was there to lunch and have dinner. The World Trade Centre logo on the right hand corner of the building. On the left corner, shouts "HSBC". When I took taxi to where I am now, no taxi driver ever mention this building name. They will use the name of the building next to it, "Metropolitan". Most of the time I will use "Meridien". They should know the name "Meridien", cause it is a hotel.
On knowing I am there to lunch, I pack myself a photographing tool. This is taken after I passed the main entrance for vehicle. Is a long walk to the building from the main road. There is an exit at the right side. Where I get to taste chinese cooking in a restaurant along a street. The food is not bad. Haven't been there after the first visit.

On the left of this building, there is a Starbuck coffee outlet. I haven't been there for coffee yet. Hmm.. the price is slightly higher compare to Malaysia. Have not been to coffee outlet such as Starbuck, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans for quite sometime. Recently, I have been going to outlet such as Dome for a drink, being the reason of free reading of magazine. That is the only way me going to pass time in coffee outlet. In the my younger days, the coffee outlet is a meeting place. Since the day I lost touch with that group of friends, visiting coffee outlet is more on taking lunch or dinner. I used to love taking cakes from Coffee Bean, I recently switch to Secret Recipe. The switching was due to someone else choice. So I tag along.

Not able to take a clearer photo. In there is dim, not enough light. A big wall with the word World Trade Centre. So far have not notice any events in there. Or maybe I should mention that I do not bother if it is politics related. If there is exhibition, most likely I am there. No grand exhibition so far. A MAS airline customer service is on the right of this World Trade Centre wall. Been there once, to change my ticket to fly to Malaysia earlier by one week.

At the building entrance, there are painting on display. There are more paintings being exhibit surrounding the center pillar. The center pillar are lifts. On the first time in this building, I felt disappointed. There was these paintings facing the main entrance, depicting the thoughts on another country. I guess the painting is from the local as the title on the painting is in Bahasa Indonesia. The title seems to criticise another country and put the country in bad position. My question, why not criticise your own country before criticising on other countries? Hmm..
Picture on the left, is a gate seen from the main entrance of World Trade Centre. This gate lead to the lifts. Is close in day time. I have been lunching there twice and the gate is closed. At night it is open, so I get to pass the lifts through this gate instead of walking around the pillar to get into the lifts area.

I took this when I exit the World Trade Centre. They scan everybody who wish to enter the building. This do make me feel safe. Am I worried? Hmm.. It never cross my mind that I might not be safe. Unless I do experience it. Things like bombing the building is something serious. As recently happened in UK. So I guess everybody is cautious.


Selba said...

Secret recipe has delicious cakes, but as for coffee, I still prefer Coffee Bean :)

You take pictures very nice... Jakarta looks better in your pictures ;)

I've been thinking to buy a digital camera, can you give me a suggestion, please. So, far I like the Ixus - Canon (because it looks cute, not bulky), but not so sure which one to buy (I'm really an amateur), don't have any idea about the megapixel, etc. Than some ppl are recommending Sonny.

PhotoCrazy said...

Thanks. Actually some of the photos was taken in a hurry. Luckily it turns out good. The reason is, I am worried abt people not liking me taking photos in the open. I never know what is in their mind.

There are a number of nice, slim digital camera out there. Here is what I can gather. Before I begin, I assume you are just there to snap photo and some funtions to use. And own a nice looking camera in hand :)

1. Panasonic Lumix FX8 - I'll put this as a first choice. It has a Optical Image Stabilizer. The body of the camera has a few different color. 2.5 inch lcd screen.

2. Casio Exilim Z57 - has a 2.7 inch lcd screen, better view of what u r going to snap.

3. Canon Ixus50 - this has alot of function. Might not be using most of it most of the time. This one got a 2 inch lcd sceen, smaller screen.

4. Sony T33 - This one is the most expensive among the above.

All the camera mention above is 5 megapixel.

To snap some good photos, you need some simple skill and utilise some of the functions.

If you are getting one. I don't mind giving you a hands on lesson. So you can get an idea on what to do with your camera to take nice photos.

Any question abt camera and it's jargon you have, do forward it to me. Will try my best to explain.

Oh, do you have a budget on a camera?

leecs said...

soo, how about sony t7?
nikon s2 also a new slim camera...

think soohk bought the casio dc last month, can check with him...

5mp is more than enough for us unless u wanna develop a photo bigger than A4 size paper...

suggestion, get a slim dc as u will always find it easier to carry around.

or if the normal snapping for blogging, the SE k750 2mp is good enough for that.. kekekeke

PhotoCrazy said...

After surfing to see the look and review of Sony T7 and Nikon S1 & S2. Here is my comment:

Sony T7: the looks is not so nice. No doubt it is very slim, but it is bigger in size.

Nikon S1: It is really a point and shoot. No manual adjustment is allowed. Therefore can't do a setting to get desired result.

Nikon S2: weather proof or splash proof. Normally no one do photo taking in the rain. For me I don't like the look. Another function is not mention in the spec, taking photo in black&white or sepia. This function is quite fun to use.

Anyway buyer's choice.

my email addr: ywsoo@yahoo.com if it is useful.. :)

Selba said...

photocrazy: thanks for the info! my budget is around IDR 2 - 3 millions. Heard that DC's price in M'sia is cheaper than in Indonesia.

leecs: if you see my mom's garden pictures in my blog, I took them with my SE K700i :)