Friday, July 22, 2005

On the way to Hoka Hoka..

I went to lunch in World Trade Centre. Along the way there are few statue or arts. These are located in the compound of World Trade Centre.
A statue made of metal.. I think is made of metal.. it is cold when I touch it... err.. I didn't touch that part ok.. hehehe..
Oh I didn't record the title of this statue and the description of the art.
A wood carving, I didn't read the inscription on this too.. it seems to be raising hands.. hmm.. surrendering or stretching...
The wooden house carving. This is nice it even have people carved on it. And color on some part of the carving.
This where we have our lunch. The food serve here is not bad. We even went there for dinner once. One of the fast food chain in Jakarta.

Bicycle! Yes bicycle to deliver fast food to customer. I thought now a days motorcycle is used instead of bicycle. The bicycle painted with the restaurant color and logo on it.. haven't seen this before.. maybe I never pay attention else where.


SooHK said...

Umm I remember Hoka Hoka, I love it. I guess I love every fried things...

PhotoCrazy said...

But.. becareful, I am catching ulcer in my mouth for that.. hehehe.. not a good sign for me..