Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Place to lunch

We saw this place the first when we went pass to take lunch in World Trade Centre. We try out this place a week later. The food here is cheap compare to those in a building. There are varieties of food. Most will ask, "You have the stomach to take it?" Of course I have. And I have try it. I have tried five stalls out of the many. The food is not bad. You can find ketupat using peanut sauce, nasi padang, fried tahu, fruit juice and etc.
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A row of stalls, those eating there will be sitting behind this stalls. The hawkers do provide plastic stool or wooden bench, some provide table too. The bucket on the floor is to collect the used plates, bowls, chopsticks, fork and spoon.
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We take away a number of time from this stall. Ketupat with peanut sauce. There are people sitting behind the stall. The day this photo is taken, got people selling small item. Normally I dont get to see them beside this stall.
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Haven't tried out this stall. The reason is some one told me becareful of the meat use. Don't know how true is that.
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Another angle of the stalls.
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This is where we took our mixed rice. I think a few time we visit, then we stop. One of my colleague have a big flies.. really big flies with green eyes.. was in the packet of his mixed rice. I guess that signal us.. no more from this stall..
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Have not tried from this stall either.. but my colleague tried it.. some of the fruit juice really fruit it self with little water to dilute it.. they say it taste good.. they ordered aplukat (avocado) juice..

But recently we stop visiting this place.. mostly because we are bored taking the same dish.. again we went to the food stall in the building. I think it take us some time to go back to this place.. maybe never..


Selba said...

The food on Jakarta's streets are ok actually, as long as your stomach can take it. Well, speaking of hygiene and how the food is prepared, I think we better close our eyes, lol

SooHK said...

Added you into my blog roll

PhotoCrazy said...

selba, you are correct abt it. They are ok as long I take away and not eating there. Bcos I don't know where they get their water from to wash the plates.. that is one of the reason I'm not eating there.. eeeee....

soo, thanks for including my blog in your blog roll.