Saturday, September 17, 2005

Current & Future Public Transportation

The other day a friend in Jakarta email-ed me a map of public transportation. Here is the map.
Some of the public bus is available for public. Some in construction. The bus is the busway I mentioned earlier. For rail transportation, those big train is also available. But not the light rail. The other day I was hoping to see Jakarta version of light rail transit. And now I don't even know if I have the chance to even ride one.. hmm..


SooHK said...

when will be the light rail ready?

PhotoCrazy said...

sorry, not able to provide the information. the map was from selba... hehehe...

tata said...

this map was drawn by a friend of mine --we're all trainfreaks. Most of railway lines on the map actually exist. Some defunct some still function well like Bogor line, Serpong line, Bekasi line. The big circle line (brown) is operating only 50% of the total length.

The government plan to spin off the jabotabek railway and allow private investment very soon. They plan to revitalize some of those defunct lines too.

Monorails blue line is underconstruction, the part of Karet-Casablanca and Asia Afrika is the prioritized as they want to use it to try out monorail cars.

Monorail Green line: no news