Thursday, September 08, 2005

Uh oh me being tag

Selba, you... ok I will tag along..

7 Things that scare me..
There are alot of things that I am scared. But I try not to think of it too much. I'll try the first seven I can think of

1.No good pay job for me in future
2.Losing some one I love
3.My car give me problem on the road
4.Immigration officer
5.Ask to do other people works
6.Loose my freedom
7.Loose my senses (at this moment hearing)

7 Things I like most..
not to be numbered.. the one I love..

1.My Canon camera and it's accesories
2.Everything to do with my car
4.My photos
5.Sunset + sunrise
6.My Bonsai plants
7.Eating or feasting

There are more, I can't say what I like most. Because I have too many hobbies.

7 Important things in my room..

2.Bed and accessories
3.Aircon (on hot day)
4.My love one
5.Ceiling fan
6.Electrical sockets

Can't think what is important in my room.. I guess I just list out the necessity

7 Randoms fact about me..

1.Like to see people happy.. especially the one I love
2.Help people emotionally
3.Like to chat with friends, but sometime out of topic..
4.Short temper whenever I get caught in something I dont like..
5.Dont care about my health
6.Like to joke, dont mind people make joke of me (not sarcastic jokes)
7.Not serious in works

7 Things I want to do before I die..

There are too many things I want to do.. and it is hard to achieve

1.Fully modified my car
2.Travel to countries I haven't been before
3.Have my dream house
4.Have a muscular body
5.Own the best digital camera by Canon
6.Have my own pet
7.Die peacefully

7 Things I can do..

1.Make people smile, if they can smile
2.Make myself cry with slimy stuff drooling from my nose
3.Kick my ass (of course I won't do it)
4.Making faces at kid below 2 yrs old (they won't beat me up)
5.Yak none stop (telling grandfather story)
6.Eat 500ml icecream
7.Ask stupid question
and many more...

7 Things I can't do..

1.Give birth
2.Lick my own nose
3.Fly an airplane
4.Make a pasta
5.Read other than Bahasa and English
6.Kiss my own ass
7.Grow a money tree
and many more

Not tagging anyone.. because most of them are tag...


Anonymous said...

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PhotoCrazy said...

gue kena spam lagi.. ini nggak bagus.. tolong..

SooHK said...

wow young pussy.... hahaha really kanasai this spammers.. I like that one kiss my own ass... umm I did not wrote that down... let me try and see if I can kiss my own ass...

Selba said...

Hehehehe... thanks for doing it :) anyway, I missed 2 more questions (just added in my blog) which are:
"7 things I said the most" and "7 celeb crushes".

PhotoCrazy said...

soohk, have you manage to kick your own ass? hehehe...

selba, i guess i am not adding this.. cause I can't recall what I said the most becuase I say to much.. hehehe.. hmm.. celeb? I don't even recalled what is their name sometime.. hehehe..