Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Market in Tanjung Duren

My first thought of the market would be an open space with alot of big umbrellas around. Where people traded their goods on tables. I was wrong. I kept asking where is the market. My eyes followed the direction of the finger. Huh? A building? A big building? So it was not an open space. Is a building with few floors.
As I was entering the compound of the market. Some stalls was set at the entrance. Fruits mostly were seen. Since it was a Sunday. I would have thought the market does not have that many people around. And I was wrong.
I always notice people staring at me when I included the people in the photos. This makes me worried, cause I did not get their consent to do so. 'Curi curi ambik gambor dia orang, bahaya tu'.
I was looking for the signboard of this market. Trying to know the name of this place. I was directed to this particular entry of the building. 'Pasar Tomang Barat', the market was named. The market was lively with many peolple selling variety of stuff. So I tagged along in to the building.
I was standing at the stairs looking around. Seeing what was for sale. I saw this guy squatting on the ground beside 2 wooden boxes. He was selling something. Out of curiosity I asked my friend, 'what do you call that?'. I didn't get the answer immediatlely. 'Got to ask mom', was the answer I got. Ok. Me can wait. Or I rather put it 'me have to wait'. After hanging around the stairs, the guy move his trade else where. Wanted to show you what his boxes look like. I wasn't fast enough to capture one. And this lady was playing a handheld game while waiting for customers. And it striked me, 'Isn't she old enough for that?'. Nah.. If given me a handheld game, I will be doing the same.. hehe..
Deeper into the building we went. Saw this cake stall. Selling variety of cake and 'kuih'. So I bought one and try it out. Mmm.. not bad. It tasted a little too sweet. I like sweet stuff, but not too much of it. 'Nanti gue dapat kencing manis, susah gue'. Near to this cake stall is an escalator moving up.
A big shop called Ramayana. I have been into Ramayana before. They sell clothes mostly. Didn't went in there this time. So we continued walking around and we found a stairs going up another level. Most of the stalls are closed.
One part of the floor, where food stalls were found. Some of the stalls opened. Customer were around. Mostly having drinks.
From the same place I look out and saw many stalls down there. I didn't get a closer look as we did not passed in front of it. After looking around in the market we headed back to where we came from, my friend's house.
Along the way, I saw this number 39 with word dogs on top of the number. A pet shop? Was my question. No, is a house number. I feel funny looking at it, so took a photo of it.
Lighting were line up in the air, guess it was for celebrating independence day.
Then we came to this street. A guy sitting in an armchair waiting for customer to purchase used items. I was hoping to see something interest me. None, zilch.
The flag of Indonesia is a must for every residence to respect the independence day. That is what I know from my friend. After that I went back to the hotel. Was very tired. Went to sleep like a log.. hehehe...

'Kue Pancong' was my friend's mom answer... thanks for the answer.


Anonymous said...

i saw ur blog and all i can say is, the number 39 and has a dog picture on it, it is a pethouse, they sell dogs and the house next to it has a number but with a fish picture on it because they sell fish, and the man who squad next to 2 woodden bos is not selling 'kue pancong' its a 'kue rangi' made from stuff like flour and u eat it with a traditional sugar that's being melted, not the usual sugar we use for coffee, its a different type of sugar, its like a brown sugar we callrd it 'gula jawa'. Ramayana is like a Wallmart or Target is the US, but not as big as Walmart or Target. Ramayana sell cheap stuff for a low-end community, but they have a good stuff too.

PhotoCrazy said...

Thanks for all the info.