Sunday, September 04, 2005

Musical Fountain

Last night I was at Monas again. Actually I was going around taking photos of holy places. But i feel like posting the musical fountain. I was there early. Waiting at the open space for the water fountain to change from a normal fountain. I was there around 6.30pm. Waiting there alone. Felt silly. What can I do. Since I was there might as well wait. 2 minutes past 7 was glowing on my handphone lcd screen. How come there still nothing happen. Hmm. Am I at the wrong place. I gave up and start moving toward the entrance to exit Monas. I heard loud noise. Is a music. My eyes were screening at head of me. There was faint light flashing far away in front. As walk closer, I then confirmed that is what I was looking for. Damn! I was at the wrong place. I walked as fast as I could. As I get to the entrance, there were so many people around. Got myself a place to enjoy the moment and snaping the photos. The crowd was applauding each time a fanstatic water spray with light was displayed. Here are some of the photos taken.


leecs said...

wow, what setting did u used in ur camera?

i am always failed to produce a good night photo....

please help...kekekekeke

PhotoCrazy said...

I always use the program mode. just aim and shoot.. actually the result of this musical fountain is blur if i enlarge it.. hehehe.. for others i have to use a steady hand bcos my camera dont support tripod. Use a small tripod if you can. My next digital camera must support tripod. It really make night scene fantastic. Oh dont forget to off the flash light. Becos flash light is not strong enough for far away object.