Monday, September 12, 2005

Holy Places

From the army camp, I walk to search for the big modern mosque. I happened to pass a area where the train travel. This is my first time seeing a train rail elevated like LRT in Kuala Lumpur. My first deduction upon seeing a train moving on an elevated rail, "LRT in Jakarta, me want to try." hehe.. Beneath the rail was a number of homeless people. I wanted to take photo of them. Hmm.. gue takut terkencing di seluar.. didn't want to mess with them.
As the train passed by, I seen people on top of the train. Hmm.. first thought was.. dangerous.. on the second thought.. hehehe.. it is quite fun! How do I get a chance to do this? Myabe never. But if I get to do it I will do it.
I was looking the mosque. Since I was not sure where, I started to guess the location by looking at the pointy structure. There are a few big gates and small gates. I entered the compound through the small gates. The mosque is called 'Istiqlal Mosque' I then walked along the outside of the mosque to look for the church.
As I was turning corner, I found the church.
Taken this photo when I was infront of it. As I was so occupied with the church. I didn't notice the main entrance of Istiqlal Mosque was at the back of me.
There were alot of 'gerobak' infront of the mosque. Below are some photos of the Cathederal and the mosque.


SooHK said...

Wow their church looks so in europe..

PhotoCrazy said...

that was my first impression too..