Monday, September 05, 2005

Tanjong Duren

I was paying a visit to friend's place. So off we went to Tanjong Duren. Took a bus from a bus stop nearby Mall Tmn Anggerik. Upon arriving the destination, I have to jump out from the bus, as it is moving once the last person is out from the bus. I was taken around the neighbourhood. Before the mini tour.
I was shown to a garden which is on the third floor. There were alot of flowers. The one flower I can named is orchid. I am not good at flowers named. There was many ants moving on this particular flower. Then I used my camera's magnifying option to take a closeup. I guessed the ant just stopped with it's silent dead post. Not for me to take photo, but to avoid notifying predators of it's present. Of course this was indeed an fantastic oportunity for me. The eyes, torns on it's abdomen are lucid in this photo. This is my first time photographing an ant this close. Hmm.. very bad of me scaring the bugger. Hehehe.. From the garden I saw an interesting structure. A number of pointy parts. I can say it is a church. I was so eager to go there to photograpgh.
So of we go to this church. As usual I was using the sun as one of the object. If not for the cross on the top of this building, it will be a castle.. hehehe.. I am wondering any English's castle in Jakarta? Actually I was looking for an open to the church. This will allow me to get a close look at the building, where I can get a closer look at the art on the building. Maybe the inside. We were trying to search for the open entrance. But to no avail.
As we were standing on the bridge. Saw the reflection in the river. The reflection was quite clear. My camera does not come with a wide angle. So I did this to get the tips of both ends. It looks great. In a chat with a local, church are rich else how the get to build a nice church. I was disappointed of not going in to the compound.
As we were going back to the house, I was invited to take a walk. I agreed as I see this as a chance to look at the surrounding area. On that day there was a lot of flag along the houses. I found out it was their Independence day, which was few days away. Talking about Indonesia Independence day, I can see the freedom they have on that day. The people can block part of the road to have their own events. It made me felt the freedom around Jakarta. I should have excepted the local invitation in joining them celebrating their independence day.
We came to a sundry shop. This shop is convenience for those staying nearby. There were tropical fishes for sales next to this shop.
Looking at this shop, reminded me of my young self, where I frequent it for tit bits and some other stuff that interest me. Then I was asked if I am interested in market nearby. So out of curiousity I agreed and I haven't been to any market in Jakarta before...

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SooHK said...

The church that looks like castle...well I have seen it before in ...oh ok you went there to visit. Nice photo on the ants. The tidbit shops.. I remember I buy those with the ticket below, if you hit you can pluck the items on top of it... hahaha