Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another side of Jakarta

Seen this when I was travelling from one place to another. With an Indonesian friend. Which push my adrenalin one step higher. My only thought was, camera. But I only have my digital compact. Wish my SLR was with me.
Living areas along a river. I guess it must be cheap staying in this place. You get to hang your clothes out to dry.
They do have balcony at the back to do washing. Convenient isn't it. As I was taking this photo, there were two kids playing near the door.
Didn't mean to be rude. But can stop myself taking this shot. There was a building on the right side. Maybe this man is leaking and getting a fatest way to total flush it.. hehehe..Did you notice that he is huggin the tree?


feha said...

sure that's reality here in Jakarta and most of cities in Indonesia

PhotoCrazy said...

Maybe this is my first time seeing this within the city.. Anyway I always like to take photos that dares me..

leecs said...

few women squatting near the drain show u their butt and doing the business?
i had seen few times opposite the ciputra hotel under the flyover bridge (before converted to car park)

we were in the car on the way to office and was caught in the traffic jammed...kekekekeke saw few 'half moon' there...kekekeke

PhotoCrazy said...

Damn it! How come I didn't get to catch that. Hehehe.. I have seen but a crazy woman so nothing special abt it.

Selba said...

Hahahaha... good pictures!!! nice to see you back in posting in your blog :)