Thursday, June 30, 2005

Movie Baton

Not able to update sooner. Came back on Monday from K.L. and the line is bad. No able to sent one. Fever on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not much of collection I have done on movies. Reason is I am always fan to big screen. Somehow life change recently. Forbid me visiting the big screen as frequent as I want...

Total Number of Films I own,
Can't recall, I think around 30 copies of DVD. Out of the 30, 20 copies I got it few weeks ago. Not from Glodok. But from a shopping compleks. Each piece cost IDR5000. Get to test every copy to ensure clarity. I don't plan to take this as collection. I bought it cause I have not seen it. Planning to visit Glodok next weekend. Just want to give it a try. Someone mention to me that place is more like a sauna. Can't imagine how to search for the movie 'for as long you want'.

The last film I bought,
There are 20 copies of it. Pacifier, Hitch, Madagascar, Elecktra, Lupin(French), Arahan(Korean), can't remember the rest.

Five film that I watch a lot/meant a lot to me,
Most of the films has it meaning, couldn't remember which five mean the most to me. None of the shows I watch repeated, unless it is on tv or cable tv(which I don't own, do it in hotel HBO). But I do learn a lot from the movies I watch. Just that my brain can be a harddisk. Sometimes I do forget the lesson I learned.


osiruz said...

hmm...glodok? well...make sure u have a list of what u want...go there...grab, test, do whatever and leave! Maximum stay time is 1.5 hours...else prepare to suffocate and sweat like pig.

PhotoCrazy said...

Thanks for the advise. I guess I am not ready to be kick out from a taxi or a bus.. because of heavy sweating.