Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Starbucks in Metropolitan

So I have decided to go there for a drink. As one of my colleague is leaving Jakarta for Kuala Lumpur for good. So we decided to get him to treat us.

I cannot remember the named of this drink, anyway it is ice in coffee with milk. Even the tissue was printed with logo. If it would have the word Jakarta on it, I would have kept it as a souvenir.

There was a story to this picture. The girl sitting behind her notebook.. I don't think I want to tell the story. This was what the interior looks liked. Not much different compared to K.L.

This was the counter where the drinks were purchased. I remembered one of them can command a good English. But I did Indonesian with them.

These are sweets for after drink. There were few flavors. And the sweets were stored in different size of container. I purchased 2 of them.

A separate counter for self-serviced. Straws, milk, sky juice, tissue, sugar, brochures and I don't know what else.

These are the sweets that I bought. Actually I was questioning myself, should I buy it in K.L. or in Jakarta. Then I decided to buy it in Jakarta. And I did the right thing. When I was in K.L. buying drinks from a Starbucks counter, I only found one of them. hehehe.. until today I have not opened any one them yet. Hmm.. will the sweet melt?

World Trade Centre can be seen from inside the coffee outlet.

Later in the evening, I was leaving this coffee haven. More and more people appeared in this haven. It was getting dark soon out there.

A coffee banking outlets. This Starbucks outlet is open in conjunction with a bank and the bad news is I don't remember the name of the bank.. poor me.. so customer can do banking and have coffee at the same time. But I guessed it is more of doing coffee and not banking..


Selba said...

Did you also take pictures of the Starbucks cafe in Taman Anggrek mall?

golfer said...

Good job selba, not many people know that in Jarkata there are coffee shops like StarBucks too.

PhotoCrazy said...

Nope I didn't do that. Cause the place was too dim. You did some right?

halo.. selba was there.. and might be there again.. aiyoyo..

Robin said...

hmmm.,. u mean they allow u to take photos.. wow