Saturday, January 14, 2006

Good Testimonial

I was looking at the counter, just curious if my blog have any viewer. Came across a viewer. As usual want to check out who is this the surfer, oh.. is a company. Wow! my blog is use as a good testimonial of a project. I don't mind the blog being used as a reference.

But the funny part is the project was not solving the city problem of transportation. Not to discredit them. Just that I find it funny, a minor good testimonial was taken as a success.

I have not really complete my comments on the special busway created.

1) It reduce the width of the road where it can of good use for other vehicles.
2) It was created on the city busy road. It was always an experience when after office hour where the jam is not bearable.
3) It was more like for city tranportation rather than residential.

Anyway, I do not want to comment more. As I am no judge for others.

Chinese New Year is very near.. preparing for the clebration?


Robin said...

The special busway could be an answer to solve the already congested traffic in Jakarta. In a sense, it does provide an alternative to the now-ever crowded bus service.

However, I am sure most car owners are complaining, since one of the useful lane on the congested road are now being taken up exclusively for one bus company.

Jakarta would need the sky train as taking out one useful lane is definitely not a permanent solution. Bangkok has the skytrain for 6 years now and the traffic situation is indeed improving.

PhotoCrazy said...

Yup it would be ideal to have a sky train. Then this should be given priority instead of a busway.

Jellyfish said...

its good that ur blog becomes a reference :)

btw, how come everytime i goto new blogs, sure got robin in it one?

robin... looks like u r very free wor

Robin said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Still haven't open shop yet?

PhotoCrazy said...

jellyfish, thanks.. that mean I get attention.. hope it all are goods not bad attention.. hehehe..

robin, Gong Xi to you too.. what shop to be opened??

Anonymous said...

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