Sunday, December 18, 2005

New second hand gadget

I haven't been blogging since.. yup nothing special.. it happens to alot of them out there. I was recently changing life. I guess is not getting easier. Am filling it with challenge. Meeting new requirement as a new man.. new man?! Nah more like I am growing up from some big boy.. no.. I don't think I want to grow up.. err what am I doing? Ok.. I am growing up physically.. most likely side way.. hehehe.. but the brain is not..

Here is my new gadget.. got it second hand.. from my brother in US of A. I like this thing.. ok ok.. I might be a little out dated with technology. Still to me this is one fucking hell of a nice phone.. pardon my language..
The phone.. a Motorola.. RAZR v3.. details info.. nah you guys don't need this.. there are better ones out there..

Hmm.. this post is to let those reading this blog.. I have a new one this is one is publishing photo of my home country.. you can click the link somewhere on the right column.. didn't found.. then it must be at the right bottom.. sorry guys.. got to do some scrolling..

This blog is continuing for others to view.. might add some photos later.. if I am not busy with the other one..


SooHK said...

Wah Sei man, you prefer the white and not the black...I love the black...

PhotoCrazy said...

I have no choice.. I bought from my brother..

Ad Blaster said...

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