Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Surrounding Roxy (part1)

This post is continuation from "Another side of Jakarta" post.

There are alot of this small vans beside Roxy Mas a shopping complex. I have seen this at many places. Commonly found next to shopping complexes. If I am not wrong, it is called Komilet. I have used this public transportation once. I have heard people get robbed when they are in this Komilet. Yup only one color that is blue. Haven't seen it in different color.

Opposite of the Roxy Mas complex is this whole stretch of houses. These houses were separated from main road by a river. The river was not clean at all. When I was there to do photos grabbing, I can get the stench. I have no choice, in the name of photography I have to sacrifice my nose. The funny part is I got used to it.

I was quite happy to see reflection in the river. This really make the photos looks better. For photo taking I didn't have a better machine with me. Can't do more wonders to the place.

How often do this kind of place comes by. That was my first time seeing such place. It might not be a blessing but at least it told me a lot. How lucky I am today or at the point of writing this. Teached me not to have high expectation in life. Be happy with what I have or what I can get. And live life with less stress. How I hope this is always the case. But the world I live in, is never that easy.


Robin said...

hmmm... the area look interesting..

But the river should be clean up first.

PhotoCrazy said...

yup that is what they need to do.. this will turn the place into a nice place.. then more beautiful picture can be taken

Selba said...

Passing this street everyday :)

PhotoCrazy said...

Isn't there another route?

Newsandseduction said...

Similar type of China made taxis are in Kathmandu. Are they gas driven?