Wednesday, April 19, 2006


A delicacy using mutton and it is called 'Tongseng'. The mutton is boiled using charcoal. As the local mentioned to me that 'Tongseng' is a nice food. So I was at the street beside Metropolitan I and saw this stall.
The man is prepairing the ingredient in bowls for those eat-in customer. The charcoal is being fan to get a heat or sometime fire to cook the soup. They do take-away service.

This stall business is very good. It finished business within half and hour to 45 minutes. So imagine that those wanted to taste the food, have to be there to find it was sold out. I did missed it a few times. Besides, the mutton is used in fried rice. I even get to choose the level of spicy of the food. I always opt for the most spicy in the fried rice. As for the soup it is standard.

Those in Jakarta, if you are curious what it taste like, get a local to take you there. It is different from Malaysia 'Sup Kambing'